Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal Gets a Facelift

Northern Building Products has geared up to Rejuvenate Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal

A diversified manufacturer of energy-efficient windows, doors, and wall systems Northern Building Products of Teterboro, NJ has geared up to help give Bush Terminal in Brooklyn, New York a new lease on life.

The historic complex originally covered over 200 acres and was designed as the first New York intermodal shipping, manufacturing, and warehousing center. Now, re-named Industry City, after completing its first 100 years, the project is being converted to modern uses which hope to mix artistic endeavors with light production.

Engineering staff members from Northern Building Products worked extensively to customize a retrofit window system that could maintain the historic integrity of the buildings while replacing more than 263,000 original panes of glass with high-efficiency insulating glass and insulated frames over three years.

“Sustainable construction techniques and adaptive reuse of existing buildings are cornerstones of environmental responsibility,” according to Northern Executive Vice President, G.M. Desai.

The new windows are expected to reduce energy consumption from heat loss by over 50%. Project owners and engineers, Consulting Associates of New York, chose windows manufactured locally by Northern with high recycled content raw materials, to show their support for green building design and operation.

“Northern is committed to helping our country re-use our existing buildings in order to lessen the amount of construction waste and the demand for energy and natural resources required to build new structures,” says Northern president, Robert Pecorella.