COVID-19 Can’t Derail This Co-op’s Massive Window Job

If you’re looking for a co-op board president who is part pit bull, you couldn’t do better than Jon Prial, a retired IBM executive who is now doggedly leading his 262-unit Manhattan co-op through a massive window-replacement job – undeterred by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This project was years in coming,” says Prial, who has been deeply involved in major capital projects at the co-op, including a boiler installation and elevator replacements, since joining the board in 2013. The aged double-hung windows were leaking air, which contributed to noise and uneven heat in the building. “We learned a lot about windows over the years, and finally last year we decided this is it, we’re going to refinance our mortgage and set money aside for the windows so we don’t have to raise maintenance or do an assessment.” Read the article here