High-Rise Low Risk

“We started using swiggle Seal in 1985. Since then, we have supplied many high profile projects – some of them having thousands of IG units in a single building – all with outstanding field performance.

Swiggle Seal has stood the test of time against high wind loads, structural loading, and the pumping action present in the big city high-rise structures. The Swiggle Seal Insulating Glass System has allowed us to increase our productivity substantially while giving us control of a previously complicated aspect of our business.

It’s a totally painless all-in-one IG system which comes to us from a single source, We can change space sizes with ease and produce over 16 large commercial size units per man-hour. Swiggle Seal takes the risk out of IG seal failure and allows us to concentrate fully on what we do best… manufacturing high-quality windows and doors for the mid to high-rise building industry. ”

– Robert Pecorella, President
Northern Architectural Systems