Northern Awarded Largest Retrofit Window Job in Free World

The Riverbay Board has unanimously approved Northern Building Products as the official manufacturer for Co-op City’s long-awaited fenestration replacement project.

The $57.9 million contract calls for Northern Building Products to manufacture more than 130,000 windows which will be installed by Tindel Replacement Windows, Inc. According to the Riverbay Board, the new, energy-efficient windows from Northern will be welcomed by the Co-op City community. Residents are anxious to have leaky windows in their apartments replaced and the Board looks forward to saving money on energy costs this winter.

The Co-op City retrofit project represents Northern’s largest job to date. The firm is already widely respected across the nation for its high-quality products and personalized service. The successful completion of the Co-op City contract, which will take an estimated 3-1/2 to 4 years, will reinforce Northern Building Products’ reputation as a top firm in the industry.